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Soy in Health and Disease Prevention EBOOK PDF

This book was written to introduce “the world of the soybean” with respect to its myriad health benefits. A number of excellent review articles and books are available that cover the nutritional and physiological functions of soybean and its products. The editor is, however, not aware of a book in English devoted to the study of soybean, written fully or mostly by Japanese. As many varieties of soybean products have been consumed for many years in East Asia, much knowledge has accumulated there documenting the health benefits of these products. Japan may be the most experienced country in the use of soybean for fermented foods. Advances in analytical methodologies have disclosed the full details of the chemical composition of soybean, and most soybean ingredients exert diverse physiological functions.
Numerous Japanese researchers have been working for many years in every aspect of soybeans, and the Fuji Foundation for Protein Research has been established to support these studies. As…