The V*lv* anatomy, phisiology, and pathology Pdf Ebook

This is a much needed book for the patient with v*lv*v*g*n*l symptomatology
too often faces the prospect of an incomplete evaluation and misdirected therapies.
There are many reasons for this. Physicians with practice time constraints
magnified by an office full of waiting patients too often begin their physical
examination with the introduction of the v*g*n*l speculum, bypassing the
v*lv*. In addition, the record of diagnostic accuracy of v*g*n*l infections by
physicians shows a high error rate and inaccurate diagnoses lead to inappropriate
interventions, which only prolong and sometimes intensify patient’s symptomatology.
Finally, to a large extent, the care of patients with v*lv*v*g*n*l problems
requires dermatologic insights that are too often lacking for many practitioners.

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