ABC of Breast Desease Third Edition Ebook Pdf

The aim of the third edition of the ABC of Breast Diseases is to provide an up to date, concise, well illustrated, and evidence based text that will meet the dual challenges of mana ging the increasing numbers of women who attend breast clinics and the increasing numbers of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. This edition contains many new illustrations and diagrams. The chapters on screening, adjuvant therapy, clinical trials, and prognostic factors have been completely rewritten, and all other chapters have
been extensively revised. The topics of adjuvant therapy and metastatic breast cancer have been extended to cover the explosion of results gained from the many multinational breast cancer trials which have reported since the last edition of this ABC was published.

New authors have added their work to that of those who have already contributed to the success of the book. Thanks to Jan Mauritzen my PA who has coordinated the many revisions, to Eleanor Lines. Commissioning Editor, ABC series, to Sally Carter, Development Editor, BMJ editorial and Nick Morgan, Senior Development Editor at Blackwell Publishing who converted the authors’ words and pictures into the book that is before you. Such a comprehensive review has been time consuming. I continue to be grateful for the support of my colleagues in the Edinburgh Breast Unit, and to my family Pam, Oliver, and Jonathan. I also thank the many patients who agreed to be photographed for this book, but more importantly, for the inspiration they provide in how they cope, not only with their disease but with all that we do to them.

The care provided for patients with breast cancer is better coordinated and more truly multidisciplinary than that for any other cancer. This is a testimony to those multidisciplinary teams that treat breast cancer, and to the many groups and individual women who have demanded access to good quality care for all. As a clinician I hope that the knowledge and understanding gained through research will continue to result in improved treatments. Many challenges remain in the field of breast diseases, and there is much we do not know. This book is our effort to inform you of everything that we think we know and understand about breast diseases and its management.