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Infusion Assessment

Primary infusion fluid—Fluid that is infusing continuously.
Secondary infusion—Fluid that is infusing intermittently, usually
in a 50-250 ml IV bag infusing over 15 minutes to 2 hours.
Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump—Infuses pain medication
and is usually connected to the primary line. Both the
primary line and PCA pump infuse concurrently.
HOT TIP: When assessing the infusions to check for incompatibilities,
the PCA pump can easily be overlooked!! Verify
the type of medication in the PCA pump, and ensure it is
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)/Lipids—TPN usually infuses
continuously over 24 hours. Lipids usually infuse over 8, 10,
or 12 hours connected to the TPN IV line below the filter.
HOT TIP: Due to the additional components/medications in the
TPN solution, NO medication is to be given in the same line as
the TPN or the lipids.
Blood products—Include whole blood, packed red blood cells,
plasma, platelets, albumin, serum globulins.
HOT TIP: NEVER give any medication in the blood component
IV line. The only compatible solution is 0.9% normal saline

Download PDF please click on image

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