Users Guides to the Medical Literature A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice PDF

Completely revised and updated with all new coverage of the basic issues in evidence-based medicine in patient care

Abundant real-world examples drawn from the medical literature are woven throughout, and include important related principles and pitfalls in using clinical research in patient care decisions

Edited by over 60 internationally recognized editors and contributors from around the globe

Also look for, a new interactive database for the best practice of evidence based medicine


1. How to Use the Medical Literature–and This Book–to Improve Your Patient Care
2. The Philosophy of Evidence-Based Medicine
3. What Is the Question?
4. Finding the Evidence
5. Why Study Results Mislead: Bias and Random Error
6. Therapy (Randomized Trials)
7. Does Treatment Lower Risk? Understanding the Results
8. Confidence Intervals
9. Harm (Observational Studies)
10. The Process of Diagnosis
11. Differential Diagnosis
12. Diagnostic Tests
13. Prognosis
14. Summarizing the Evidence
15. How to Use a Patient Management Recommendation

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