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The National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses
(NCLEX-RN®) measures the knowledge and abilities necessary for entrylevel
■ It is administered by Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), which
individualizes tests to match the unique competencies of each test taker.
■ Each exam adheres to the NCLEX-RN® Test Plan, which describes the
content and scope of RN competencies.
■ Practices basic to nursing (e.g., nursing process, caring, teaching,
learning, communication, documentation) are integrated throughout,
and most questions require application and analysis of information.

NCLEX-RN® Test Plan—Distribution of Content
Safe and Effective Care Environment
■ Management of Care 13%–19%
■ Safety/Infection Control 8%–14%
Health Promotion and Maintenance 6%–12%
Psychosocial Integrity 6%–12%
Physiological Integrity
■ Basic Care/Comfort 6%–12%
■ Pharmacological/Parenteral gfd Therapies 13%–19%
■ Reduction of Risk Potential 13%–19%
■ Physiological Adaptation 11%–17%

Taking the NCLEX-RN® Test on a Computer
■ First: You will receive general information about the exam and the testing
center. Your time spent on this will not count.
■ Second: You will take a tutorial on how to use the computer to answer the
questions on NCLEX-RN®. Your answers will not count toward your score,
but the time you take will be subtracted from the total 6 hours you have
for the exam.
■ Third: You will then be presented with real NCLEX-RN® items; there will
be between 75 and 265 items. The test ends when it is 95% certain your
ability is ↑ or ↓ the passing standard.

Instruction : download PDF please click on image